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About Hoshiko


Hoshiko Birmans was founded in early 2008 after our first little girl (Eldorato Ingenue) came to us from Lesley Freeman.

Hoshiko is a boutique cattery situated on 5 acres at Sheldon in the Redlands.

We are registered breeders with Queensland Feline Association and The Birman Cat Club of Queensland. Our goal is to breed quality kittens therefore breeding only one to two litters per season.

Specialising in Seal and Chocolate point.

The Birman has a wonderful temperament, with a great personality and are very inquisitive, loving and have a playful nature.

Birmans are known for their beautiful blue eyes, silky coats and little white paws. There coat is easy to maintain weekly brushing is all they need which they really enjoy.

Thank you Lesley for getting us started with this beautiful breed.